Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel O.T.D.H. loot maps

*** Maintenance ended 15 JUNE 2019 ***

*** Last update 25 JULY 2017 ***


Hi’ya all!

Primary work have now been completed, as maps for Borderlands Pre-Sequel main game and two DLC’s (The Holodome Onslaught, Claptastic Voyage) have been released. This project is similar as my earlier work on Borderlands 1 and Borderlands 2. These BL TPS maps include weapon chests, collectibles/challenges and notable enemy drops (skin/head and weapons from unique rare up).

If you spot something missing/inaccurate you are warmly welcomed to contribute. Just let me know the details. I’ll credit you and add them on next version. More accurate info description, faster I’ll be able to verify it. All chests on these maps have been looted and verified by author. Remember that maps concentrate on dedicated drops that have realistic possibility (more or less :wink:). Note that most bosses/trash cans/bone piles can drop almost any legendaries (e.g. “world drops”, occurance chance being around 1:1000). These will not be included on maps.

Note that maps obviously do contain information that might be viewed as spoilers revealing enemy names, locations and such.

All chests on these maps have been looted and verified by author. So far all chests that I have located are also lootable. Some more puzzle to reach than others, but fret not, there’s a way to each.

Please do not copy/appropriate any info on these maps without authors consent.
Because that would be stealing. And stealing is wrong!
[Captain Scarlett]

Content is posted by CountKarloff only to Gearbox forum.

Enjoy! :smiley:

Example image:

Release history:
25.7.2017: Maps 27-34 v4.0
19.7.2017: Maps 21-26 v4.0
13.7.2017: Maps 11-20 v4.0
3.7.2017: Maps 01-10 v4.0
18.3.2016: Stanton’s Liver v3.1 and Outlands Canyon v3.1
8.11.2015: Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4 v3.1
20.9.2015: Motherlessboard and Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K v3.1
19.9.2015: The Holodome v3.1
30.8.2015: Triton Flats v3.1
5.7.2015: Maps 27-34 v3.0
28.6.2015: Maps 15-26 v3.0
27.6.2015: Maps 08-14 v3.0 and Motherlessboard v2.2
26.6.2015: Maps 01-07 v3.0
17.5.2015: Subconscious v2.3
4.5.2015: Subconscious v2.2
26.4.2015: The Nexus v2.2
12.4.2015: Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4 v2.1
11.4.2015: Claptastic Voyage maps v2.1 (28-29, 31-34)
9.4.2015: Claptastic Voyage maps 32-34
7.4.2015: Claptastic Voyage maps 30-31
6.4.2015: Claptastic Voyage maps 27-29
28.3.2015: Outlands Spur v2.2 and Pity’s Fall v2.1
23.3.2015: Maps 22-26 v2.0 and Outlands Spur v2.1
22.3.2015: Maps 13-21 v2.0
21.3.2015: Maps 01-12 v2.0
11.1.2015: Research and Development v1.2
9.1.2015: Pity’s Fall v1.1
8.1.2015: The Holodome
18.12.2014: Crisis Scar v1.1
15.12.2014: Eye of Helios v1.1
12.12.2014: Version 1 of all maps complete

Special Thanks to:
@kacsaminator Suggesting that BL:TPS maps should receive v4.0 updates
@Trajforce Wet Week drop from Swagman.
@PatDart Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4 glitched chest.
@BlackHeartV Correction on Motherlessboard and 0V3RL00K one time chests.
@VaultHunter101 The Holodome 3 vendor machines, help on figuring out one time chests.
@6or7Squirrels Triton Flats chest.
@impala The Holodome correction to description text.
@matt_sautter Subconscious locker.
@lexhardcore Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4 glitched chest and The Nexus regular chest.
@Calzones Eye of Helios Moonstone chest.
Erbalist Tycho’s Ribs chest.

From old Gearbox forum:
TravisGNeu - Idea of including direction to journey type challenges.

Map links:

All maps are Version 4.0 unless otherwise stated.
Last update(s) = :shamrock:

(Total downloads 3.7.2017)

01 Helios Station (5,5k) - 3.7.2017
02 Serenity’s Waste (4,4k) - 3.7.2017
03 Regolith Range (6,4k) - 3.7.2017
04 Concordia (11,5k) - 3.7.2017
05 Triton Flats (13,8k) - 3.7.2017
06 Crisis Scar (5,3k) - 3.7.2017
07 The Meriff’s Office (0,6k) - 3.7.2017
08 Stanton’s Liver (2,6k) - 3.7.2017
09 Outlands Canyon (5,5k) - 3.7.2017
10 Outlands Spur (4,9k) - 3.7.2017
11 Abandoned Training Facility (0,5k) - 13.7.2017
12 Pity’s Fall (4,5k) - 13.7.2017
13 Sub-Level 13 (5,3k) - 13.7.2017
14 Titan Industrial Facility (3,7k) - 13.7.2017
15 Titan Robot Production Plant (3,6k) - 13.7.2017
16 Hyperion Hub of Heroism (1,0k) - 13.7.2017
17 Research and Development (8,2k) - 13.7.2017
18 Jack’s Office (2,7k) - 13.7.2017
19 Lunar Launching Station (3,8k) - 13.7.2017
20 Veins of Helios (4,2k) - 13.7.2017
21 Eye of Helios (5,4k) - 19.7.2017
22 Vorago Solitude (4,1k) - 19.7.2017
23 Outfall Pumping Station (2,8k) - 19.7.2017
24 Tycho’s Ribs (6,6k) - 19.7.2017
25 Eleseer (7,1k) - 19.7.2017


26 The Holodome (3,3k) - 19.7.2017


27 Deck 13 ½ (2,4k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
28 The Nexus (2,8k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
29 Motherlessboard (2,6k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
30 Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4 (5,9k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
31 Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K (2,5k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
32 Subconscious (0,6k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
33 The Cortex (2,1k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:
34 Deck 13.5 (4,0k) - 25.7.2017 :shamrock:


Will you consider mission rewards too?

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soooo very awesome!

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Good day.
CountKarloff share source icon on your card for “Borderlands: TPS and Borderlands: 2”.

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The addition of chest locations is a nice addition to the Brady guide info.

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Hello all. Been a bit busy on studies, but now started to work on updated maps with new design. Was originally planning to release these when PS4 (and XOne) games come out. Then noticed coming 24.3. patch notes, and strike me down, all bosses will finally come farmable, here. Only Flameknuckle (Holodome) and Zarpedon (loot pool will be shared with Sentinel) are left out. Nice work, 2K AUS/Gearbox :+1: . So final maps will be delayed for some time.

Meanwhile, here’s a preview. Enjoy :smile:


These are great, @CountKarloff! Thanks for your hard work!


Thanks, I’ll be looking forward to them. I’ve used your maps so many times, they’re great!!!


Hi. No, those rewards probably are better displayed in list that in maps. Same applies to those weapons/skins that have no fixed drop locations. Still, I did eventually made separate pages of them for Borderlands 2, so maybe…

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This really is awesome thank you

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Uploaded final v2.0 maps and update to Outlands Spur. Seems that IVF is random drop, not having particularly higher drop chance from Tony Slows, so removed it.

Note that map details now reflect situation after coming 24.3. patch, meaning that all bosses will re-spawn after you leave the map. Only ones that do not, are Flameknuckle (you’ll meet him again at Holodome) and Zarpedon (her loot pool will be shared with Sentinel(s)).

As usual, if you’ll spot missing info, just let me know and I’ll add it (with full credits to you obviously).

Four days…

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Great maps :smile:

Is it confirmed that “The Bosun” drops Nisha’s “Bandita Brave” head?

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Posted two updated maps, v2.2 Outlands Spur (found blue chest at Height’s Perch Camp) and v2.1 Pity’s Fall (corrected drop designation).

Thanks. You mean as far as Borderlands drops can be confirmed? :smile: . Seriously, no, not as such. Only lot of reports Bosun dropping heads from that batch, not just for Nisha. Additionally seems that this would be dedicated to Bosun, and not shared with RedBelly.

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Yeah, never had that drop from him, so was wondering if the “skins” fix in the last update was for this set :slight_smile:

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I have a strong memory imprint of GBX representative here saying that they cannot guarantee which customizations are affected (by the patch)?! Understood that when tampering with any given weapons/customizations loot pool, that may affect other stuff and results can be unpredictable.

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That’s what I read too.
What I understood was that they wouldn’t tell which ones and where.

I just thought you saw that one dropped after the patch :smiley:

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As mental note. Just got Wilhelms Lunar Knight from (powersuit) Zarpedon. This is from same set as Nisha’s Bandita Brave. It would be cool if someone could confirm that Zarpedon’s heads are indeed from (Athena) Fortified-(Aurelia) ???-(Claptrap) EMPR-TP-(Jack) Handsome-(Nisha) Bandita Brave-(Wilhelm) Lunar Knight batch, and not the ones currently on maps. Otherwise I’d have to wait couple more drops before corrections.

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Posted first three maps from Clatastic Voyage DLC:
27 Deck 13½
28 The Nexus
29 Motherlessboard

Enjoy :smile:


Uploaded next batch of Claptastic maps:
30 Cluster 00773 P4ND0R4
31 Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K

Three to go…

Enjoy :smile:

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Claptastic DLC maps completed.

I’ll remind that you are warmly encouraged to contribute, if/when you’ll spot missing or incorrect details.

Enjoy :alien: