Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Fallout 4?

Which game should I buy on Christmas?
My father keeps telling me to get Fallout 4 for some reason and I want to get BL:TPS because I have completed BL2 and I just completed BL1.

(I heard that BL:TPS has some bugs and glitches and it’s very short and hardly anyone plays it while
Fallout 4 is becoming very popular on Steam right now.)

So which one should I get? :bluncertain: :confused: :computer::video_game::santa::evergreen_tree:

Fallout 4 probely have more bugs~

Go with whatever you want, if you want an open world fps/3rd person game with RPG elements pick Fallout 4.
If you want Borderlands, IN SPACE, get The Pre-Sequel.

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I would go for BL:TPS, because, you just finished the first to games of the franchise, why would you move to another universe and leave the rest behind?

BL:TPS takes place between the two games you finished, after BL1 and before BL2.
The game itself might not be just as good as the others, but, you should definitely try the claptrap DLC, that’s what made the game so great.

Get FO4 later, there’s will be better mods and patches later on, i hope.

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So I guess I will save my money and get BL:TPS then. :smile:

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Good luck :grinning: