Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel World Map

I’d always enjoyed having a world map while playing through Borderlands 2 (such as the one here), and was never able to find one for TPS. Now that I’ve actually finished the game, I figured that I may as well just put one together myself.

So, here it is:
(direct image link:

It was created in Gimp, and you can get the source XCF files from github here:

Feel free to edit it yourself, if you like, and ideally send me a pull request. Or just let me know if something’s wrong and I’ll fix it up myself. I’m definitely not a graphics person, so I have no doubt that this could be made much prettier.

I’ve uploaded this to the Borderlands WIkia as well, though they’ll only do thumbnails for images much smaller than this one, so it’s a scaled-down version there.

Anyway, enjoy! Or don’t. Whichever floats your boat!


Looks really neat and clean! :smiley: Well Done

Excellent job.
Even if it made my browser poop its pants.

Thanks! And heh, yeah - I started thinking about 75% of the way through it that the thing’s “native” resolution was probably a bit crazy, but at that point it seemed like it’d be too much work to scale it down at the source level. The wikia page has a somewhat scaled-down version which still looks reasonable, since wikia’s got a resolution limit for generating thumbnails. :slight_smile: