Borderlands three PC offline

How can I play the DLC with out a active Internet connection

If you’ve bought the game via Epic I don’t think you can.

Steam should work as it did for previous installments.

Yeah I got it on epic , I just don’t want to buy the game another time

Unfortunately you need a connection.

Epic hasn’t been very responsive, as far as I can tell, to the requests for them to help. I can bring the request up again though.

I have a ticket with them right now , that would be very much appreciative

Yes you can, but you need to physically disconnect your computer from the internet. The game will load just fine as long as your saves are local.
I’ve done it before to avoid hotfix nerfs.

So I do I play at home and loads just fine when I am at home. Then when I go bring my laptop to work and trying playing I says I don’t have any of the DLC. Also puts all the weapons in my inventory