Borderlands top down isometric shooter

I keep thinking about how cool it would be to have an isometric top down shooter in the borderlands universe. Alienation meets diablo meets borderlands would be sick. This would easily be my dream game! Anyone else in the same camp?


Yeah, but it should be developed by Housemarque.

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I love those games, but there are plenty already, and i dont see how a borderland’s one can make an impact in the genre, i mean, the story is quite dull, it probably ends up being another bullet hell game, those type of games require a lot of mechanics and interactions to be fun, borderlands is all about what weapon does the most dmg and what skill gives you most dps, i really dont see Gearbox taking the time to design a deep skill system or weapon system for a game like that.

I’m not a fan of isometric views in games. I find it acceptable in the case of the Diablo series but still something that interferes with more than enhances the enjoyment of those games. Third-person works much better for me; if Gearbox was going to present Borderlands in other than a first-person style that would be my choice. :slight_smile:

I love isometric games, i’m in. Let’s make this happen

(P.S Darksiders Genesis looks fcking amazing)

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There already is one: Borderlands Legends

Would be good if they had like a arcade games machine at Moxxi’s Bar with a game like the one above playable on it.

Think he means more like Grim Dawn style.

(I love Grim Dawn)