Borderlands tps Freezing

Hi, so i got blands hc around a week ago… I had to leave for a week and when i came back i played the crap out of tps getting to the last mission, and when i entered a area called something ribs, not sure…, my game froze and noe every time i try and play the pre sequel my game freezes ALOT like unplayable amounts, i didint know what to do, so i created a new account and a new playthrough on jack, i played for around 4 hours non-stop and it was fine… The minute i got to the robot battle it froze, and it keeps freeIng, i just want my game to work perfectly , luke all i want to do is play but its so hard when u freeze all the time, Any answer will be good please help. Thank you!


I recommend reading the following thread:

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I’m sorry but thread doesn’t help at all. It only show that this is a known problem with no fix yet. We really want a fix soon. Especially at the price we pay for games nowadays.

I encountered this bug over a month ago, and it hasn’t gotten any better. While I feel that gearbox has started to work on it, they haven’t given us an indication that they know what is causing the problem. It’s been a long time, and that other thread will show some of the frustration we’ve experienced.

My recommendations to you:

  1. If you play TPS, avoid Tycho’s Rib, Titan Industrial Facility, and Claptrap’s voyage. Those seem to be where the freezes happen the most. Hopefully, a fix will be announced in the meantime. If you encounter a freeze elsewhere, I think that would be noteworthy.
  2. If you encounter a freeze, attempt to note all the information (where were you, what were you doing, your character, level, inventory, whether you were online, etc.), and post it to the forums. Gearbox still seems to need more of this basic information to figure things out.
  3. Be patient, polite, and persistent when reminding Gearbox that there’s a problem that needs fixing. And advise your friends against purchasing the Handsome Collection until the bug gets fixed. If you decide you need a refund, let us know how that works out–Gearbox has been completely mum on how to request one.

Bummer dudes. The game seems to work a lot better on the xbox one for me.

I have the same problem everytime I go to tycho ribss my game freezes

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I also started playing tps with Wilhelm and I can’t remember the first time it froze on me because it’s happened so many times.
It’s so frustrating. I’ve frozen in tyco’s ribs, right after I grab loot in that first room on the left. I don’t save game fast enough to keep my guns:(.
I’ve frozen almost immediately after I played two minutes in the sub leve 13 mission. And I tried playing that like six times before I just got out of there.
I’ve frozen Jack and stalled the mission when he first walked into the lunar launching station. I had to quit game and start over and it worked.
It’s frustrating, I love this game. I would just appreciate gearbox saying that they’re working on it or something.

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look in this tech support subforum. there is a giant existing thread for this same problem. gbx has replied in that one.

I suspect they have limited resources for a problem made immensley worse after a ps4 firmware update. All I know was tps was much more stable over a month ago and I wish I could go and play it as well. Borderlands2 works fine still, so you might want to play that for a while.

You might try playing offline. Sometimes it seems to help me a little.

Its ridiculous how long this has been… why should i be forced to play bl2? this is bull

Guys, I got through the problem by trying to run through Tycho’s Rib without fighting any enemies. I had Athena, and I used her shield to help absorb damage. I still died a lot, but regenerated at the save points. I killed the cannon at the end, and then was able to get through to the next area. No freezes at all.

Not sure if this would work as well in the Titan Industrial area, as the boss fight is quite a bit harder…