Borderlands TPS fresh play

My friends and I have recently started borderlands TPS again and with that i noticed i have so many characters that i have either boosted or not done completely legit. we decided to start a fresh play but right now we do not want to do this without a full team as we want to be as efficient in this as possible. We do know glitches and alternate routes to make this go faster (wont be used if unwanted).

If anyone wants to help out then message me on here or send my a xbox 360 friend request with Borderlands TPS fresh play as a extra message

Hope to see you in the borderlands

I’m in. GT: BTK420247 message me when you want to do this. I probably won’t be on Sunday the 10th but other than that I should be free.

Alright i will shoot you a friend request and since im going through the game with my friend who just got the game im going to say that since he doesnt have dlc and if we play everyday we can prob start thursday may 14 then kick off the next two days of the weekends with long hours in the game

with you our crew would be 4 thanks :smiley:

Ok so the Fresh Play will Happen tonight

Don’t think I can tonight an old friend of mine is in town. I just found out sorry.

well play for it tomorrow if you can i really dont mind you gotta do what you got to do

Hey if your up for it then we can start today if you have nothing on 5:30pm - 6:00pm Central Time is expected start time

I just like to play the game. As long as you don’t mod I’m there. I’m a purest.
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I hate Modding, Add me on Xbox zarzar96 and i will start another freshplay. It will be fun to go through multiple people i might even use… Claptrap… ok so thats a lie i hate him either way i will start a freshplay with you. We could go through one just us or with others as well

Can I Play with you I never anyone to play with add me GT: zSwiffty