Borderlands tps gameplay questions!

I bought the handsome collection for ps4 a little over a year ago and i’ve played borderlands 2 pretty much the whole time up till a couple days before posting this. I loved it and eventually learned things and a lot of people helped me. I haven’t been able to find the same for tps. So i have some questions because I’m having a hard time with my play through. I’m playing wilhelm and i’m now level 31. Enemies always seem to take me out so easy in tvhm and I’m not understanding how to get good gear or just good enough gear to get me through tvhm. Most people say too not farm till way later but if thats the case, I’m wondering what methods people used to always keep their gear relevant and useful up until level cap when at that point I know the endgame and you then farm and finalize your builds and grind for certain gear. If anyone could help me out I’d really appreciate it. I still consider myself a noob because I got into borderlands when the Handsome Collection came out and really had no prior knowledge of the game, so i always have questions, and some I cant find in a youtube vid. So thanks to all for hearing me out and hope to hear from some people who have played this game endlessly and understand what their doing 99% of the time haha.

…almost forgot to add this also: Even when I would attempt to go farm in tvhm most respawed bosses spawn at level 50 or higher and I’m only level 30. This happens with iwajira for instance.

Much like BL1, the vendors are really good for gear in TPS. Always check them.

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thanks man, you still play at all

Glad to help.

Here and there. But I currently have no PS+.

I use the grinder all the time to recycle my old gear with some high lvl gear to get me new stuff.

When I got to level 30, I went into Claptastic Voyage instead of TVHM and got some pretty good gear from the final boss. By the end I was a level 35 and came out with a couple of legendaries (one always spawns if you’re close enough to the final boss when it dies). My brother farmed the boss for a specific legendary and got to level 38 doing it.

By the way, Iwojira and bosses like that are made for the end of your playthrough (e.g. he’s level 30 in normal mode). I’m sure you’ve moved past this problem by now, but maybe it’ll help someone.