Borderlands TPS: Issues joining multiplayer games!

So frustrated! Can’t seem to join anyone in multiplayer, gets stuck “sending character data to host”…anyone else having problems?? I’m a level 70 Athena and my boyfriend is a level 70 Jack.

try rebooting your modem?

Its because your characters were transferred over from old gen systems, sorry to say the ONLY way to fix your issue right now, is to make a NEW character for both of you, and power level them back to 70 using the guardian hunter mission in UVHM :frowning:

I promise you there is no other option, I am the one who discovered this only solution to that annoying problem that Gearbox clearly will never get around to fixing, it has long since been a problem ever since Handsome Collection came out.

This is assuming you were playing on a 360 and have moved over to the xbox one and transferred your characters. If you are still on the 360, and those characters were created on that system then you have no option to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

You can try to make a new level 1 character, and join someones game, if that works then you need to do as i said above and make new characters, as your old ones have probably gotten bugged with the patch on the 360 that came around when handsome collection was released. I have not tested this as I moved on from the 360 since then, but when I was still on it and that patch came I too could not connect. I never found a solution for that back then but maybe this will work.

So we tried rebooting the modem multiple times. Still no luck. @charrisx this has all been on Xbox One, no transfers from 360…it happened suddenly. Had no problems the first 2 play throughs, hit level 69 and then bam. Idk what the hell is going on. It’s been 6 days now and it still won’t connect, we’re probably going to give up and start Borderlands 2. Sucks!

If you want i will power lvl you up if you power me up bc it happen to me too ik it really sucks GT IS wonderingred317