Borderlands TPS: Online Play & Party Up Thread!

Hello Everyone!
I Made This Thread For Players Of Borderlands TPS To Look For Other Players To Play With And Party Up With As Well, Since I Didnt See A Thread Like This, I Figured It Wouldnt Be A Problem. Anyways,
If You Want People To Play With Go Ahead Put Your Information In A Clean Order So People Can Know What Your Plans Are When You Play. I’ll Go First!

PSN: HipHopsFinestt
CHARACTER: Athena Level 70
MIC: Yes
LOOKING FOR: Players who wanna go around and kill and farm for weapons would be nice . helping each other out and duping as well (:

feel free to add me and whoever else that will post on here! thank you looking forward to playing with yall!

Seems that the ps3 is obsolete lol Anyway I would love to play with you. Sorry I am late to the party though. I will add you when I get home.

PSN JONESHOUSE22 I have a mic as well