Borderlands TPS Players Wanted

Just finished playing through Borderlands 2 a third time to wrap up the achievements, and now I’m beginning my first time in the pre-sequal. Unlike BL2 however none of my friends neither own it or want to play it, and I’m beginning to remember just how difficult playing alone can be. (And now boring!)

I’m welcoming players with levels both low and high, just to play along with me or help me grind some levels in your own game. If you can help with grinding, I only need one of my characters up to level 50+ the rest only need to be around 30 so I can pop the achievements tied to them.

My gamer tag is: iMacOfDeath

Thanks ahead of time, and let’s all have a good time.

Just want to give a thank you to those who have helped me thus far, and an update that I have reached level 21 and I’m almost finished with the main story. It goes without saying that level 50 seems pretty far away, so if there is anyone out there who can help me reach that level it would be greatly appreciated.

Lvl 32 claptrap gt: Messeduppancake

Are you sure that’s your gamer tag? I compared games, and that gamer tag doesn’t have Borderlands TPS.

Messages me on GT wonderingred317