Borderlands tps power level me plz xbox one

Im a level 45 enforcer and need to be powered leveled to 70 on xbox one bltps


Ummm…I can’t power level you, but we can go through things together! I’m Level 51 and I’m a Jack! :slight_smile: Message me back if you want to work together!

Sure thats cool inv me gt xMONEYxKILL3Rx

Let me eat first. Also, I’m gonna need some specifics:

What playthrough are you in?

What mission are you on?

Do you want to voice chat?

Yes i want to voice chat, im in tvhm and am on the beginning of the end mission

Okay, okay. DId you do every mission (Main, Side, and DLC) in the first playthrough? And have you done every mission thus far in TVHM?

I hope you don’t think I’m being nitpicky, I’m just more helpful when I really know what I’m dealing with! :slight_smile:

No i havent im new to this game.

Good. We can use all of that stuff to get used to one another’s play styles! I’ll message you when I finish my spaghetti! Can’t wait to Vault Hunt with you! :blush:

Looking to Power Level TPS