Borderlands tps tftb weapons

I accidentally claimed the tales ft borderlands weapons at lvl 50. Anybody have them at Max level that doesn’t want them? Maybe I can give you loot for borderlands 3 for them.

I claimed them at 70 but never found much use for any of them (and my rolls were sort of meh). Is there anything in particular you are looking for?
– Fast Talker SMG (blue Bandit SMG that talks)
– Moonscaper (blue Torgue shotgun)
– Company Man Hyperion shotgun
– Naught shield

All of them haha would like to see if I can make use of them at Max lvl what’s your username?

Might take me a while to gather them – have to look through my characters & see where I put them (haven’t done TPS in a while). My PSN = bevross

Who should I expect a friend request from?

edit: looks like I only saved the Naught & the Fast Talker, the other two weren’t worth it! Faster Talker only for voices, Naught I’m not really sure.

From macaweagle78! Only those two is fine.