Borderlands triple pack Tiny Tina DLC

Hello, so I purchased the borderlands triple pack at the beginning of this year, I have downloaded all of the DLC on all three games but I do not have Tiny Tina’s assault on dragon keep. I have done Litterally everything that I could think of to get it but it just will not show up at all. Could somebody from gearbox help me?

did you try here

I have a similar issue I play on vita but I can’t access tiny Tina s dlc or sir hammer locks, can these be played on vita or not? I also have Mr torques dlc that I couldn’t access until I joined a game where someone else was already in the bad ass crater then it showed up in my fast travel

As I remember, the DLC were distributed between different disks in the pack i.e. not all on the BL2 disk. Did you check the others? There was a thread about that either here or in the PS3 section when the triple pack launched.

I know not all the content could be fit into the Vita edition, but I don’t remember the specifics. If you look the Vita version game up on the official site, it should list exactly what’s included.

I figured it out thanks to looking on the borderlands doc disk