Borderlands Trivia and Giveaway

Hey guys! I was doing some Borderlands trivia today on my twitch and it was a blast!

I’m going to do it again tomorrow at 7am EST and throughout the day.

Every follower is automatically entered in my $20 drawing and every correct trivia answer is an extra entry! If this goes well I’m going to do a Skullcandy giveaway next month.

I’ll bump this tomorrow when I start, but you can follow now to get notified when I start streaming. Thanks!! (the link is below)

Say No To Rage Twitch

Borderlands Trivia is live! Come join the fun! I’ll be streaming all throughout the day!

Say No To Rage Twitch Channel

Wow guys had an absolute blast! Thanks so much to those that came and participated! I will be streaming again later today!

And we are back!! Come on in and test your mind… how much Borderlands trivia do you know?

Say No To Rage Twitch

30 minutes to another Borderlands trivia stream. Winner will be announced and we are already 40 followers away from another giveaway!!

Say No To Rage Twitch Channel


Say No To Rage Twitch Channel

Running the trivia for a few hours this morning! Maybe again in the afternoon!

Back on for a few hours!


SayNoToRage twitch

Back up for my afternoon stream!!

Back up now!

saynotorage twitch <<<< CLICK TO COME PLAY

And just so you know I’m not making things up… I’m hitting milestones very quickly and here are my winners…

50 Followers - SquidBob30
100 Followers - Uplink10k
150 Followers - WaffleBMX

Live now!! 15 followers away from the next giveaway!!

Today’s questions are about TINY TINA!!!

Say No To Rage Twitch Stream

Come see if you can guess what gun manufacturers I’ve made up slogans for!!

Say No To Rage Twitch Stream

Back up today with more made up manufacturer slogans… here are some from yesterday, can you guess which??

“Our patented spinny disc clips will keep your subbies balanced and shooting straight!”

“It takes a second to get there, but just wait, we’ll hit the mark.”

“Don’t just reload, re-throw!”

Say No To Rage Twitch Stream

Quit trying to advertise yourself by spamming, please.

First, bumping a thread isn’t spamming.

Second, the links are being clicked and many have come to the stream and joined the contest.

Third, thanks for bumping my thread.

Fourth, for two days I haven’t bumped the thread because I haven’t needed to, the stream is bangin’, so come join the fun!

Finally and more importantly, the mods haven’t seemed to care about one measly bump on the days I streamed.