Borderlands twitter pages are all toxic

all i see on any of the 3 twitter pages related to this game is a bunch of self entitled crybabys whining about shift codes every 10 seconds…please tell me im not the only one who notices this


No you’re not its the same here on the forums , majority create threads not to say thank you but cry.


yea i have noticed that…ive even done it myself a few times…lol…my point is the shift code crying is out of hand when randy has literally given out like 16 shift codes in the past 15 days lmao

I’ve still yet to redeem a shift code. Unless they give out legendaries now, who cares.

It’s because he gives them out at stupid times, with an extremely short timer on them, and 90% of us never get to use the code because we don’t eat sleep and breath Randys twitter.

He hasn’t given out 16 keys for BL3. It’s 1 here and there with tons being given for TPS and BL2 goty.

Take yesterday’s key for example. 12am. Expires in 6 hours. I am a 34 year old father of 2, i am not up at ■■■■■■■ midnight just to get a key code from Randy because his dumb ass has no concept of time zones, or that people actually have lives, or do this thing called “sleep”.

All I’ve ever asked is give keys a 12 to 24 hour timer. It hurts nobody, and gives everyone a chance to utilize the key… With a timer such as mentioned, there would be no excuse for missing the code.

And honestly the golden chest sucks… I spent 4 keys there and got shields… Purple shields… Wow. Thanks… Not even annointed ones.

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