Borderlands Unused Dialogue

I found these in the files of the original Borderlands.
I think there were placeholder dialogue for the characters before they got the voices that we know today.

Here is the link:

P.S. The files are in .OGG format only. So you’ll might need something like VLC player or Audacity to play them.

P.P.S. I couldn’t find any unused dialogue for Brick. My guess is that he was added later in development.


He was. He was the last character they made because they realized they needed a fourth character for a four player game.

Quite a bunch of stuff from earlier builds are still in the files appearantly. Even the bio’s of the original VH’s.
And those models were (apearantly) reused for Reaver, that Atlas lady (forgot her name) and Dr Ned.

“D’ya like that turtle?” ??

And why is Mordecai Christian Bale Batman?

These are fun to listen to, thanks.

“D’ya like that turnip?”

… I don’t think I’m going to figure that one quote out anytime soon.

You’re welcome.
I don’t know. Maybe they intended for him to sound like that?

and also Lilith sounds a bit younger. (She also kind of sounds like the Google Now voice) and Roland’s original voice kind of sounds a little bit like Handsome Jack.