Borderlands Update

(Smithoz2000) #1

To my surprise i received a Borderlands 1 update this morning on my Xbox 1. For about 10 sec I was excited, unfortunately nothing seemed to change in-game.

Tried to google it, couldn’t find anything. I guess it was something under the hood/emulator.

Anyone know what the update was for?

(Is this thing on?) #2

There have been no update announcements from Gearbox, so I’m guessing it is most likely more tweaking from Microsoft to iron out residual issues with the emulator. MS doesn’t tend to say much about these things, however.

(Orzesz ty Brumgocylu) #3

I’m playing on xbox 360 did’t notice any update.


Microsoft has been giving games a lot of updates recently, like Red Dead Redemption, Fallout 3, and the aforementioned Borderlands.
I believe the reasoning for this is that they’re adding them to the Xbox One X Enhanced list, or to put it simply, an update to improve the graphics of the game and to make it run another on the Xbox One X.
If I’m wrong then I just look like an idiot who tries to talk formally and be cool, so I hope I’m not wrong. But I probably am.

(Is this thing on?) #5

It seems as reasonable a guess as any. There have been past small updates that improved things like getting the DLC properly recognised. Now if only it would let me take screen shots and capture video…


I know, right? It’s annoying that you can’t take screenshots of Nine Toes with ten toes and such. Luckily I’m getting a PC soon and this will all be over.