Borderlands VIP Email problem

So before receiving a few of the Borderlands Insider Codes I had forgotten to update my email to my current one, and I cannot access my old one I used when I originally set up my Shift account. Does anyone know if there’s a way I can get those emails resent now that I’ve updated my account?

The VIP points codes? No idea about that but there’s a thread with them all here, reddit and on MentalMars website. Amongst others.

Some will have expired but you should be able to use some of them.

I was more talking about these ones.
I assumed that the Shift code for these would have been sent via email, it doesn’t bother me too much if I can’t get these though, but I figured I’d check on here.

OK, the first two I can’t remember exactly what brings them up, but if you got to activities the second box (straight after “preorder Borderlands 3”) should say something like “Complete survey”.

The other three, go to rewards and you should see “season 1”, “season 2”, “season 3” next to the Weaponizer (looks like a slot machine).

Yeah I’ve done all that, but that was all before I updated my email address to my current one, the Shift codes for them seem to have been sent to the old email, since that was the one set to the account at the time.

They’re not added via shift code, should just have appeared on the page itself.

There has been an issue where guns haven’t been appearing in game for Borderlands 2 and TPS lately though, so it may be that’s the issue.

Ah, that’s okay then, I just figured I’d check it out before I went ahead and started using any of the point for unlocks later down the track, I’ll just wait it out then and see what happens.
Thanks for that help anyway.

More here, the message has been passed along to Gearbox so hopefully a fix will be forthcoming shortly but unfortunately I can’t guarantee it.

I’ll close this as we’ve figured out what issue it is, and there’s a thread for it, please follow up with anything in the linked thread.