Borderlands VIP Rewards

I was looking at my vip purchases because i was concerned I wouldn’t get enough points for the BL3 maliwan weapon. Apparently I bought a moze conventional skin last week but don’t remember ever doing so. Would love to undo the purchase if possible because I don’t really care for the skins, but will accept my fate if it isn’t possible. Just would rather use the points to redeem for a weapon

I’m 90% positive the reward purchases can’t be revoked, but don’t worry, you’ll get plenty of points in time for the legendary Maliwan Mystery Gun.

I mean, really, I bought Moze’s Conventional Reppin’ skin and two desktop wallpapers and still managed enough points for 3 weapons (and weaponizer’d another and a shield.)

Thanks for the response, I’ll take your word and just stick it out and see what happens!

No problem. Way I figure it is this…
Weaponizer for each of the three seasons leading up to release: 3/8
Pre-order Borderlands 3, get Pre-order Reward (includes COV gun): 4/8
Stack up 16,000 points, buy guns: 8/8 (Legendary get, goal completed.)


With the all the codes that were released in the last week, I am 100 points away from 12k. Then all I need is the season 3 roll and I’m set; No reason to be worried!

This video may help earn some point


I’m unable to get credit for watching the Youtube videos linked on
Credit for every other activity came in, just nothing Youtube related.

Any idea how to fix this?

Simple enough… don’t watch them on Youtube. Watch them here on the site. (ie: Don’t click the Youtube button in the video.)

I am watching them on the site. The video plays but the URL remains

Got it working with Firefox… seems to be Chrome issue.

That’s ironic, since I’ve never had video issues with Chrome…