Borderlands VIP

So you know the vip codes,the roulette thingy.Well I managed to land a Bl2 Pitchfork(the rest are weapons for TPS and for the Fight for sanctuary DLC),and as it told in the FAQ it says that you get the pitchfork on the first character you play with.I enter my low level Salvador,get my Pitchfork and kick some early game ass.After that I decided to farm Boll for the Fastball.When i usually enter or respawn,I check the vendors to see if there’s anything to use or to sell.Low and Behold I see my inventory full of Pitchforks and Hot Mammas.This also counts on other characters,I got pitchforks on my other characters aswell.It seems like it happens everytime I enter a character.I mean I’m not complaining but it’s kinda fishy to just get free money when you join.Is there a known fix for this?