Borderlands weapon ideas

Borderlands 3 legendary ideas
Torgue rocket launcher that fires in an arch and drops small bombs on enemies in a straight line and call it the bombing run
A vladoff assault rifle that shoot bullets in a spiral curve but has twice the projectiles and call it the bulletstorm
A maliwan pistol that is fire and drops mini projectiles of fire when impacting an enemy and call it the magma
A laser gun that slowly charges and chants sha Kay am ay aaaaaa and give it a dragon ball Easter egg tie into it like what 2k Australia did with The Star Wars Easter egg
P.S. That laser was poo
A tediore shotgun that encourages you to take one shot and throw it for everytime you throw this shotgun it will explode 1 time for each round left in the mag. Recommend the size for the mag would be around 6 max. Call it the firecracker
A torgue grenade mod that puts those weird torgue land mine things on the ground but make it a crap ton of them and call it the minefield

Thank you so much for reading my weapon ideas and have a great day.
If you actually use one of these ideas I would be honored. I appreciate the time you guys took to read this.

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A gun that shoots smaller guns. I’m not very creative.

A maliwan smg that randomly cycles through all the different elements, slightly decreased damage for for a much higher/larger elemental effect chance/damage and blast radius

Faux Hammer

Hyperion Shotgun

Red text: “The Beater” Always bladed (blade is blue, of course). Fixed 20-round magazine. Consumes 1 ammo per shot. When only 1 round remains in the magazine, wielder becomes invisible, but with a cursed effect. Increased damage versus non-human opponents.

I can’t believe this gun didn’t exist in Tiny Tina’s Attack on Dragon Keep! Its namesake was literally forged for killing orcs! Could have been found in the Mines of Avarice, or a secret sub-dungeon beneath the Lair of Infinite Agony. Given a 20-round magazine, either its damage or its fire rate would have to be sub-par just for the sake of balance. For the cursed effect, I was thinking of the Bane’s screaming, but given invisibility + blade attachment, gotta scrap the movement-speed penalty. Maybe blurred vision?

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Love it.

Gearbox. Y u no do dis?!

I’ve seen a lot of chatter as well about people wanting melee weapons in the next Borderlands, so along the same vein I thought of one called “Orc Wrist,” which would just be a bladed gauntlet with the same invisibility/cursed effect. Increased movement speed, but blurred vision and allies appear as enemies so the wielder can’t differentiate. Maybe map edges disappear, too, so you run the risk of running off a cliff.

Red text, naturally, is “The Biter.”

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I was trying so hard to think of one for Orcrist. Thats perfect. I have a special place in my heart for that blade. And on my wall. It’s my pride and joy.

I am intrigued by your creativity.
Can you come up with one for Sting?

Since Sting was never named the way Glamdring and Orcrist were, my options for combinations of weapon name and flavor text are a bit more limited.

I’d name it “Maegnas” (Sindaril for “Sting” according to The One Wiki to Rule Them All). Red text: “I am the spider’s bane.”

Repeater pistol with the same blue blade attachment, and since I doubt all three of these weapons would each make it to the game, might as well recycle the invisibility/cursed effect with 1 round in the chamber. Increased fire rate and critical hit damage.

I don’t know the logistics of how it could be coded, but maybe it doesn’t occupy space in your backpack? Player can still only equip 4 weapons, but when it’s not equipped he/she can carry 16/15 items, for example. This would be a nod to how Bilbo carried it in his pants without it being cumbersome. (insert joke about short sword in the pants here)

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