Borderlands with Split Screen on PC?

Or let us run two instances of the game?

You can do this using a third party tool called Nucleus Co-op, which I believe you can also tweak to use multiple displays (I haven’t tried, as my gaming PC only has the one).

The problem with doing local co-op this way is it doubles the demands on your system to run two full copies of the game, more-so even if they have to share resources too much; a single copy with proper split-screen support is much more efficient. Maybe not a huge deal since the Borderlands art-style means it still looks good on lower settings, so a decent GPU should handle it.

I’m mostly concerned with the HDTV/big screen couch co-op scenario though; the code to do this already exists in the console ports, so it shouldn’t take much work to just make that available as-is for PC too, even if they have to slap a disclaimer up about it, I’d be fine with that, as I know it’d be fine for my setup.

Regarding profiles; again I’m not sure if that’s a big deal really; progress is saved locally so it shouldn’t really matter if you can have multiple profiles or not, the only issue is making sure your friends can get the right character. If you’re playing as a pair that’s easy, as one is the main, one is the guest. For three or more players, just let them pick, or assign the saved characters in controller order (worst case, you swap controllers around).

That looks like an awesome tool. I’ll have to try it out!

I’m not sure it’s actually via SHIFT? It’s a bit of an outlier regardless because you can only manage one file at a time like that. Plus, on XBox, it’s only a a 1-way transfer (apparently something imposed by MS).

SOME of us have TWO monitors, or secondary tv to hook up to their PC’s and idk if you’re aware but SOME ppl have CONTROLLERS. lol


I agree. Would love to hook up to my TV to play split screen with my wife. It’s not possible is not an excuse… they are plenty of games on PC that have split screen. Most people with a PC also own controllers imagine that. Please add this feature.

brue why give split screen to consoles that can barley support it, and remove it from pc, when pc’s can actually handle the load and i paid for the ■■■■■■■ for the split screen, why dosent this ■■■■ work on pc why not leave it in for pc we can figure out on our own if we want to use the option or not, i paid for the full ■■■■■■■ game and i dont get one of the option that the game serises prides its self on wtf

Pc can multibox why would gbx just give you a split screen when you can aleady do it if you wanted to? Seems to me they would want those extra game sales from pc players that want to split screen. But lets be honest pc players only want split screen to mule and other such nonsense not play couch coop.

Rescaling the UI for split screen would mean doing so for every single resolution setting available to the PC platform. The amount of gamers on PC that would actually use said feature is estimated miniscule at best. As such from a developer standpoint it’s not a cost and time effective endeavor. Before the days of online multiplayer doing multiplayer on FPS games was the LAN party. The only games I can recall myself or anyone I know personally playing multiplayer on 1 PC were either a digital version of a board game or a trivia game like You Don’t Know Jack.

Playing BL3 Split-screen is possible, but it’s a massive pain to get set up.

As previously mentioned you have to run two instances of the game, which is extremely taxing on your system. I have an RTX 2080, and an AMD 3600 and even still we have to run the game at relatively low settings and resolutions to keep the frame rate at a solid 60. Beyond that, the save files can go a bit wonky. Skins and heads go missing sometimes, only one of our banks properly saves items, and DLC is inaccessible because only one instance of the game is online and registers the purchase. I do in fact have my PC hooked up to a 60" TV because me and my wife have 3 children, so hunkering down into a gaming den isn’t really an option for us. I’m not the only person in the world who would rather play games on a big screen, and I am definitely not the only person who would rather not spend the money for an entire second set up, along with repurchasing the game with all DLC in order to be able to play this game with a loved one. PC gaming isn’t a niche thing anymore and the fact that split-screen is deliberately omitted from one version but not the others feels underhanded, to say the least. Please for the love of all things holy just put it in the game so me and my wife can play through the DLC.

I’d very much love to see split screen co-op as well. Xbox controllers would be great for this on PC and the option to stretch across 2 monitors would be awesome for view ability. I don’t think PC gamers having 2 monitors is exceedingly rare.