Borderlands with Tesla Cars?

Greetings Children of the Vault, been enjoying the latest release since October, there are a few things to improve on but overall Iโ€™m satisfied especially with Moze the Gunner. Is it true that after 6 months this will be available on Steam? :smirk: Also, there are rumors that collaboration with Tesla will produce a Borderlands 4 perhaps - check the wiredshopper review. Any news? :slight_smile:

What review? The link talks about old bl3 news along with about 14 trillion ads. Bl3 is like 2 months old why would bl4 already have been mentioned?

Edit: found the tesla thing. It was about bl3 and from 2017

โ€œThis confirms that the Boeing Company Flamethrower is a weapon that players will be encountering first in the game.โ€

Unless this became the laser musket or the Moze flamethrower, then they were wrong


This is why I tend to ignore rumors until I have confirmation that theyโ€™re true.

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It is, indeed, the Long Musket (Long Musket = Elon Musk, blockchain, cryptocurrency, the voice modulator etc.).