Borderlans 3 BoxArt

I like how you are more offended in some religious depiction vs a guy pointing to his head like he’s shooting himself.

The art is glorious.

Ain’t no rest for the wicked


The box art is one of the things that hypes me the most tbh!


I use this WAY too often these days…


You. I like you.

Realy B3’s the main theme for the game is false religions and cultism?
Religion is a main topic?
And the catholic church as a reference. Templars -> Vault hunters :smiley:

Why always everyone pointed only Roman-Catholic Church. Islam has the top place with 290 million people killed throughout the history . To this we have to add tens of millions of victims of islam slavery, hundreds of millions of circumcised girls, deprived of their femininity. And they are constantly practicing the extermination of non-believers in USA, Europe, Africa and we can count quite long. Why there isn’t a reference to Islam and Mahomet? (answer below)
Rome-Catolic church end this madness an age ago. Fortunately, the crimes odiscordia mention are at least still revealed and punished.

And the strong facts is that religions were, are and will be and nobody change it, never on this rock with 10 billons of people where
Christianity 33.43%
Islam 24.35%
Hinduism 13.78%
Sikhizm 0,36%
Judaizm 0,21%
Bahaizm 0,11%
other religions ~17%
and only ~10% is a non-belives :open_mouth:
Islamologists claims that to 2050 it will be increase ~75% in Islam belivers :open_mouth:
Why all the times someone put “stick into the antnest”
Taking that it would be beter without any religion is a dream, fantasy. It never happen. Esepcialy when that opinion could have only ~10% of earth population.
And B3 is in this topic. OK. I will see. Puting the stick to the that nest is a safe, nowadays Christians in huge majority are nice and peacefull nations instead of Musilms, I can understand it on our rock reality. Nobody come to the game studio with hand grenates, AK-47, Uzis like satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in France which published caricatures of Mahomet. But again reference to Jesus Christ is in bad taste at all. This is my own opinion.
We can talk about reality, about religion but you have to master that matter. This is a big, real topic with huge history and real big danger for non-belivers regarding Islam. The are not mercy for the wicked at all and this is in our real world. I recomend Koran to master the knowledge (especially how Muslim can easily hide the true about Islam and true intention to the non-belivers when they in minority of society)
But The game is only the game.
I love Borderland and will play and will see how they treat that serious topic. Religion topic.


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Religion is a touchy subject, and there are plenty of strong views already being expressed here. Do not let things get out of hand.


Personally, I think that either Jesus exists, and he’s big enough to cope with a game box referencing a previous painting by someone of what they imagine he might look a bit like, in which case no-one needs to get upset, or he doesn’t, so there’s no victim, in which case no-one needs to get upset.

I suspect that various religious establishments have ensured that the local culture prohibits irreverence by making sure that lots of folks get angry if they see irreverence. The Charlie Hebdo massacre is the most extreme version of this kind of learnt intolerance. I think that the dogma that religious ideas or symbols have to be protected or revered by everyone even if they don’t share that faith is what led to that horror.

I’ve never really understood how Religions in general get a special pass: all other ideas are open to debate and challenge, why not religious ones?

I also know for a fact that many people at Gearbox identify as religious, and of them, mostly Christian.


I saw on the Gearbox loot website they called him Messiah. BUT I believe this to be a missed opportunity when they could have called him THE ONE TRUE SLAB.

I so want a shirt with that design. But they only have it in girls :confused:

Well, in BL2, Lilith was deified as a goddess, and Marcus was similarly worshipped as a gun supplier. And so since the Warrior - having been destroyed in BL2 is gone, something needs to take his place, and religionism and corporatism need a righteous front to push themselves forward into the post-Warrior times and gain for themselves as much power and influence as possible.

So the cultish, religion theme is what the conditions are in a post-Warrior world. Everyone is clamoring for Warrior status, but must be righteous in everyones eye to ascend to power.

Remember the way Marcus would promote sales for himself with prerecorded promos for his weapons? And Lilith kind of played along with the fire cult to find out what they were doing? And Jack always pretended to be righteous too - but not to the vault hunters. He was always honest to them, and malicious.

And so the vault hunters seek the treasures of the vaults, but everyone else seeks/aligns with power, and so righteousness is prevalent in BL3. That’s my guess.

So, the vaults contain knowledge in the form of lost technology, and this translates into power to the factions of Pandora, who will pursue it and make themselves look deserving while fighting each other to get at it first.


I happen to like the box art a whole lot. It’s very pretty imo and has cool little details like the faces found within the roses. I think it’s just being blown out of proportion. Perhaps the box art gives off a more religious vibe because religion or cults worshiping religious affiliated figures could be prevalent within the game. I don’t find it particularly harmful, just an image is all.

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Don’t forget both Jack and Claptrap being worshipped in Hammerlock’s Hunt, or the Slither Cult in Borderlands 1. Seems to be a bit of a recurring theme there, actually…


Yup. Psychos and the people of Pandora in general have always been depicted as lost souls desperately seeking guidance and salvation. Yes, that is definitely a recurring theme in the series.

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Honestly the thing that surprised me the most on that front is that there wasn’t something like a bandit cult worshipping a giant carved stone hand giving the middle finger.

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You realise you just leaked the main focus of the first BL3 DLC? Way to go there pal! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just remembered there was also that mysterious “Cult of the Vault” thing in BL2. Maybe that will be revealed to be linked to the Children of the Vault in BL3.

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And some bandits worshipping Marcus :smiley:

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I’ll tell you that it makes a nice wallpaper for your smartwatch.


I love the box art. Gearbox is far from the first people to use this imagery in this way.

For the people upset, I simply ask:
Would Jesus care about the cover? Or be more concerned about EVERYTHING ELSE in this game?

For real. Priorities.
Get over yourself as you go around shooting countless hordes and walking away with their hard earned items.

Just sayin

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I’m not really a fan of this cover art. I think I’ll just leave it at that.


Or, more to the point, be concerned about how humanity is mishandling his message?