Borderlans 3 community ideas + discussion

Borderlands 3!!

Borderlanda 3 is on the horizon! As this game was announced to be Gearbox’s next project after battle born, this is the prime time for the feedback of the community to help shape the next Borderlands game. Of course many of us here in the forums are die hard Borderlands fans and we need to let our ideas be heard! So what I had intended was to start a discussion on the what we want and are going to expect in Borderlands 3. To make this simple I am going to make a list of the topics we need to address:

•The things we wish to return from Borderland 2 that really made the game outstanding.
•What we don’t want to return. (characters, enemies, gameplay, ect.)
•The things we wish that were in Borderlands 2 that we wish to be in Borderlands 3.
•What are new features we expect to see.
•What are some ideas for the new Vault hunters?
•What are some ideas for new characters (friends and enemies)?
•Plot ideas

Keep in mind that we are at a new generation of consoles with drastic differences in the limits of gaming, so don’t think of any idea to be impossible. After all the main topics have been addressed, go ahead and say anything else we might have missed. Thanks!

My ideas;

Think back to when the Borderlands 2 hype was building up. Think about all the stuff we expected and were looking forward to. This game was the greatest game of all time to me and thousands of fans.
•I used to play this game alone before I introduced it to my friends where the game really blew up among us. We really need the same co-op experience to return. The co-op experience in Borderlands is what has always made this game strong and fun to many players. Please make the experience return better than ever. I believe the co-op feature is one of the most vital aspects of this game.
We need the all the vault hunters from BL2 to make a badass comeback in BL3, as well as all the old characters to have a role in the new game.
THE HUMOR! All the humor from BL2 was perfect. It really fit well with the chaotic setting of the game and gave everyone very memorably moments of the game. I love the subtle humor as well as all the crazy ■■■■.
•Back when BL2 was first coming out, when fans saw buzzards we all thought we were going to have flying abilities. With the new console capabilities we should expect some areas in the world(s) to be places that were made for players to traverse the area in their own buzzard. This concept can be kind of like how some areas in the world were made specifically for cars while other areas completely excluded car travel. Please bring buzzards to the players.
I think a very good possibility that would be very interesting and cool to the players would be plenty of new environments. BL2 and BL:PS had the most amazing environments. Everything in the game was so scenic and amazing. The amount of art in this game was incredible. With the new consoles I believe that Gearbox can make this game even more amazing and scenic. With the new consoles I believe Gearbox could bring back the outer space environment from BL:PS. I think they could also bring in an all new underwater environment. I think an underwater environment would be really cool because it can give Gearbox a chance to make new and innovative gameplay while adding plenty of new enemies as well as maybe a new vehicle. Like I said earlier with the buzzards, there could be a new airspace environment as well.
•Players should be able to have their own, personal, and customizable area of their own in the game. Like they can have a home where they will have their vault.
•I don’t have many ideas for new vault hunters. I do think Tiny Tina would make a cool vault hunter as she could be grown up in the the new game and could have traits and skills like the Mechromancer.
•For new characters, I honestly just want the funny, ■■■■■■■ enemies to return.
•I truly love every single character in BL and all their personalities and roles in the story. As far as the plot goes I think more beloved characters should die in another heart-wrenching death like Roland’s. This can help make the story very emotional to really impact then players and their feelings.

That’s all I got for right now. Gearbox is the best and I am realllllllllllllllly looking forward to their next Borderlands. I have alot of faith in this company because they have helped and stayed close to their community unlike some of the other game companies out there lately.

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