Borderline un-playable

Game crashes every 5-20 minutes and then requires a complete system restart to play again for another 5-20 minutes. Cannot play in groups of multiplayer because of this issue. From what I see MANY people are having this problem.

Epic launcher has no forums and a very unstable launcher. This should be expected from a new launcher designed mostly for kid games.

Things I have done to try and fix this problem.
Limited fps to 60
verified files
updated graphics drivers
switched to full screen
tried v-sync on and off
turn every other program off
switching to direct x 11

amd HD7970-DC2T-3GD5
16gb ram

Obviously this is not an issue with my computer because every other game works flawlessly and many many other people are having this issue.

Please patch to make the game playable

EDIT* closing down the epic launcher while playing has increased the time between crashes it has been around 20-30 mins today between crashes; which is a slight improvement.

My game crashed 4 times yesterday. Gysnc doesn’t work either, or if it does it can’t keep up with the wildly fluctuating frame rate. When there’s a lot of action its really hard to aim because of the stutters.

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First of all, it sucks that you have issue with this game. I , personally, have very little to no issue at all. only 1 CTD over my 20hours + time I sank in the game. You do have a much older video card and I am really wondering if this is not what causing your issue. It could be a compatibility with the HD7970 card. For comparison, I am running a RTX 2080Ti.

Awesome, at least some people are able to play the game properly. As for graphics card I’m not quite sure, because I have seen other people on google with insane specs having the same problem.

Def getting a lot of stutter as well here; especially when I aim down the sights of a sniper rifle for the first second or two

Yea it’s unplayable for me when using guns that require aiming. I have a 4770k and 1070 gtx, which is fine for this game on high settings. No matter how high my frame rate is, 80+ it doesn’t matter, it will stutter and freeze when action starts happening at especially trying to aim with a scoped weapon.

On the other hand, my brother that plays with me on his old fx 8350 with rx 580 gets low frame rates with graphics turned down, way lower than it should, but his does not stutter at all and is completely playable, aiming scopes and everything.

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very strange