Borderline unusable

I know that shayne and Aurox were nerfed and that this was bound to come to some characters but with shayne and Aurox (a melee based character) lowering the damage output has made them borderline impossible to use. I tried damaging a Oscar mike with a miko healing him and she was doing so little damage that he was healing faster than I damaged, and I had a 8.78 attack damage booster and 9.78 attack speed boost. The nerd was too much on shayne and Aurox and it should be toned down or removed. The only reason people were having trouble dealing with shayne and Aurox was because they didn’t know what to expect or didn’t know what play style their character used.

umm im still wrecking with them. i also want to point out you should go for the miko in those situations.

i want to add, use her boomerang more. dont always run in, sometimes sit back and just toss it out. tap some minions with it. the helix “boomerang hits other targets” is amazing. esp vs minions in their packs, sometimes hit 3-4 and thats more exp to level up


My point is that the damage is so low that she can’t scratch the health so even if there is a miko she should be able to still lower his health a small bit maybe not kill him but damage him a little. The fact that she does so little at level 5 against a level 2 is insane.

Nah Teller is right. Don’t rely on her as a melee and she still mauls people with damage gear, especially if you get her legendary up. Crit boomerangs hit for loads of damage, and Miko is easy to crit.

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She is quite pathetic is PVE story missions at the very least…

She seems to get treated as a “light” enemy for some reason, and gets knocked back ABSURDLY far by every single enemy and also their grandmothers, making it EXTRAORDINARILY hard to get in melee blows, even with Aurox’s extended reach combos… >_<

It took me something like 10+ minutes to do a solo of The Algorithm on the last boss, Isac Mangus, simply because getting even sorta close to his legs caused him to knock me 10+ feet away, and her boomerangs do pathetically low damage, take like 5+ seconds to throw, and fly soooo slowly that by the time it actually reached him, he’d long since turned his legs away from me ffs…

She is a light enemy. Aurox is flying and often not present, which is why she gets to move so fast. You can also toss out a boomerang in a little under a second by holding the button down, and they hit for (with my gear and spec) 90 a piece iirc at level 10 with crits of 300ish and a ricochet that hits for 45. In run and gun pvp fights you can out dps a great many characters with them still, especially once you get the t7 mutation that boosts their damage.

In incursion last night I was still hanging with and topping damage done in almost every match, except for one where an ISIC went all and did triple everyone elses damage because he survives better. Its still quite doable to break 150k though. She’s in a good spot… you just have to go all out on damage and attack speed gear.

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I’m finding she annihilates. Not for straight DPS but because of her utility. She steals shields, pulls people in, stealths, and her boomerang is fast and hits for decent damage on top of being a melee bruiser.

I never questioned her utility in a PVP setting (any stun may as well be a DEATH SENTENCE in PVP - they should really remove all of them, or add a “break” mechanic) - I said that she is NOT well balanced for the PVE Story Missions… >_<

Your question was - why I cant wreck easily character that is being healed by other character? You see the point? =)

PS - As any other damage dealer Shayne MUST seat on Miko as much as he can to kill or have him retreat. You need to take down healers first.

I think Shayne does just fine in PVE, she kinda gets of to a slower start but once you get tag team and some of the right helix moves she is almost unstoppable with her shields.

The problem is people think every character needs to be top DPS, but in shaynes case her strength is more in her shields and utility

PvE is easy to top damage in while staying perfectly safe on top of it. Boomerangs for everyone.