BOre/Chain-Reaction on PS4/XBox One

Hey guys, I just wanted to know, if Bore and Chain Reaktion on PS4/XBox One can actually one-shot bosses like Saturn/Bunker like they can on PC?
Thanks in advance

Hello @narfkeks.

I moved your question to the Zero section, as I figured that is where the experts on this topic would be.

Hope that helps!

Great idea. Thanks @Giuvito for the moving.

Any time, buzz me if no hits turn up on this question!

Also, I’d like to page one of our local Zero experts @DSs, if he can perhaps shed some light on this.

@DSs is on PC, we need a PS4 or Xbox one player to try it.

This popped up before but I don’t know if anyone tried it.

I’ve b0red hyperious when I used to play on 360, so you should be good. That being said, my framerate dropped to like two frames per second, but that’s kinda to be expected.

Bunker and hyp were not as much of an issue with b0re, Saturn is the better test there and chain reaction wasn’t able to do either bunker or Saturn in one shot.

For me, Chain Reaction has higher priority. I tried to one-shot Bunker with 9/5 in CR, but it didn’t work out at all. Maybe I should try it with a Conference Call and a Pimpernel, cause those worked great on PC.

I can confirm you definitely can one shot BNK-3R on Xbox one.

Sorry for the horrendous out of sync quality but if you look at the ammo count you can see it’s one shot.

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Can you try saturn?

When I tried Saturn in the past the best I got was half health but I didn’t try many times.

I’ll give it another go.

Hitting where the turrets overlap with the body is kinda key, sorry if you knew that.

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I actually wasn’t sure on Saturn and was going to ask, thanks.

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Thats a thread I made about it, there is an image for saturn

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I have PS4 with HC. However, Zero is like level 5…

My bad.

You can one-shot Saturn on Xbox-one (Bore-pimpernel).

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Is it? How could’ve you known?:smile:

My bad for assuming

So after spending some time with it these are the most notable.

I’m convinced it is possible to get a one-shot.