BOre/Chain-Reaction on PS4/XBox One

Yeah it looks like it, were you using Jakobs or Maliwan Grip?


Does this matter for some b0re-related reason?

Jakobs has more damage per pellet so with that many hits if he was using a maliwan the Jakobs might of been enough to push it over the edge.

Tbh, I think rng and luck are the most important factors for chain reaction and b0re respectively, damage is a pretty far second to that stuff imo

Luck isn’t as much as placement in the way it works. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good bounce into an overlapping hitbox but if you hit an overlapping hitbox you will get good results. Chain has some RNG but at 80-88% chance not much. Bore has no RNG, purely aim and hardware.

All gear used:


BAR because I forgot to turn it off:

I wonder if maxing out Accelerate would do it, you were so close

I’ll respec and try it.

I know its not much, but you were so so close

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Has anyone calculated the average number of pellets you get with a pimpernel and chain reaction? It should be possible to calculate, but I’m not a math major- I know it’s some function of the system’s average framerate, the length of the phaselock, and the percent chance of chain reaction proc’ing. It’d probably be exponential or something like that because of the five pellets that spawn off of each pimpernel hit

We tried with both b0re and chain but the frames were hard to be predictable

What if you assumed a constant 60 frames per second? It’d be interesting to see if you could get pretty close to actual “field results”

At least, accelerate would save you some phaselock-time.
Thank you all for the really helpful replies. I think, it was just bad setup. I tried to redo a one-shot-kill, I’ve done on PC at fixed 120 fps. I once one-shotted the Bunker with a regular purple quad in tvhm on PC with 11/5 CR.
I should have known, that this couldn’d be possible on 60 fps.

The issue is with hitting these overlapping hitboxes you loose so many frames. But there is so much more to it than just frames.

Ah bummer


Gear is the same.

Spec alteration:

Glorious Siren master race.

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Nice, it just did it. I like how you saw it slow down and just pull it off. That was beautiful.

ayyy not even bad

I’d do one with zer0 real quick but youtube videos take forever to upload