Bore-der-lands update

Sooooo bloody harvest. Should have called it bloody boring. Tiny reskinned map, even a reskinned boss and don’t get me started on the repetition required to unlock the 15 challenges. What’s that you say fanboy neckbeards? It’s free? So is dog crap in the street but l don’t shove that in my ps4.

I am definitely not paying for a season pass now. Based on gearbox’s track record only one will be worth playing anyway. Bl 1 it was general knoxx, bl2 was assault on dragon keep. The rest were either trash, moxxi underdome & hammer lock or just meh, zombie ned, crimson booty and torgue dlc. The writing has nose dived since 2 along with the quality assurance and l expect the dlc will be as buggy and stale as the main campaign.

Anyway my point is the bloody harvest update stinks. It’s too repetitive, terror is a trash mechanic (2 days in and I’m already sick of opening ammo boxes then backing up in case a ghost explodes in my face) and the hectoplasm grind is 100% bs. Kill traunt 25 times? Why gearbox?
To stretch out a tiny update or just to bore and piss off the playerbase. If it’s the latter, we’ll done, mission accomplished. You’ve pissed this day one player off so much l won’t be spending another penny on your dlc in the future.

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Terror can actually be pretty crazy. Take a terror generating annointment with a ammo regen when having terror and any character can be a bottomless mags moze with certain weapons like the lucians, warlord and many others

yeah but…can they have 5 seconds of floodful fury?

How about you just check the attacks on people that don’t share your opinion.

I would normally agree on this but I’m not exactly sure this go around. If like to know who is making the expansions. I got the feeling it was gearbox proper this time. Unlike in 2 where they only made dragon keep and head Hunter dlc.

If argue that robo revolution was superior to Knoxx, but all of the story dlc for Bl1 was decent (Moxxies didn’t have any real story) and thanks to the bank addition the one that sucked (imo) was worth while.

While I won’t say I’m pissed, I do agree with the sentiment.

I felt burned on the Borderlands:TPS & Borderlands 2 season pass. As a result I’ve held off on buying this one, specifically because I don’t know who is making the DLC.

Hell, I haven’t even played the game since the console shutdown issues became common knowledge and gearbox hasn’t spoken on the issue.

So, believe me. I get it. There are better ways to get your point across though.

Please continue politely in an existing thread.