Bored, looks for some people to play B2

Just looking to have some

What’s your rank? My highest is 32

I have a couple 72s and my lowest is level 9

I would add you. But I’ll need some time before in up at your level. I’m working through the campaign at the moment.

I have a character at 49 get up to there and we can play

Okay. I’ll try to get up there tonight.

do u think u could help me lvl up im lvl 19 could u carry me thought some missions

Me or him?

idc who

Well, I’m going to be running throught the dlcs then the main campaign, if you want to join.

Gt- TwistefxSniper6

what console??
and my gt is og nicx

Xbox, sorry. Thought I wrote that.

ok im xbox 2 x1 or 360

Xbox 1. I thought this was the board for Xbox 1?

lol didnt know first time on the site

its not loading ur gt just inv me og nicx

I’ll be on within the hour

ok cool just inv me when ur on

My GT is AML97 if you guys are still down to play sometime