Boreman Nates needs a buff

Been farming Mr Nates for days now trying to get a corrosive cutsman to drop, guess RNGesus hates me. For a break, I decided to go farm some other bosses to compare drop rates. For 30 kills on Mayhem 4 I got:

Graveward - 102 Legendaries
Gigamind - 67 Legendaries
Boreman Nates - 11 Legendaries (1 shock cutsman with no annoints)

It probably takes me longer to kill Mr Nates than it does Graveward so the rewards for doing so seem totally out of whack.

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While Borman isn’t a boss, I agree that his drops need to be buffed. I quit farming him because he just never drops anointed Cutsmans for me and that’s on M4. Most of the time he drops greens and blues.

He can be killed pretty quickly if you just run through the mobs, shoot him and then jump down through the hole. He’ll follow you down and then you can finish him off.

One time last week I had 20 straight times of killing him where he didn’t even drop a legendary.