Boring gun, not so boring!

I recently gave this weapon a try and found it to be very entertaining. Was only a level 49 i had but running through TVHM story it stayed in an equip slot for a while. The gun itself create’s so much chaos i couldn’t stop laughing. Is it any good end game on any mayhem level or one of those that helps you get to where your going then banked? I don’t have one at max level to try so i’m wondering if i should farm or keep one if i have one drop. :v:

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it is usable in m4 but you have to be careful it is fairly easily to suicide

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Yes! Found that out kind of quick. So is there a better version to look for?

In Mr Torgue voice DOUBLE PENETRATING of course :rofl:

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Awesome lol! Guess i’ll farm for one, seems it will be for general use tho. Doesn’t seem popular in the community tho.

Look into Zane forum, there are a few things about it

Cool thanks.

If you don’t mind terror gear, see if you can trade for an Extra projectile while terrified version. Fun times await!

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Are you kidding me! Man how do you stay alive with that? Question tho, how do you get terrified since the event is over?

oh boy ! now I have to do it :crazy_face:

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There were 2 anointments that allowed you to generate terror

  1. 25% chance to become terrified on melee hit (perfect on a facepuncher)
  2. Generate terror on action skill end (preferably on a shield or nade)

It would be a lot of trading, but if you can get those items you turn the Boring gun into a Hive.

Also, you stay alive by praying to Mr. Torgue, the almighty god of Explosions, that the Boring Gun will bore into someone else’s anus instead of your’s. :wink:


To late, my prayer’s weren’t answered lol. Gotcha on the terror, will see if anyone has anything then. Will start with the gun first tho. Thanks for the info and vid.

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I personally found this gun a blast with gammaburst.

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I 100% agree! Came across several max level but got rid of them. Recently used one leveling and fell in love with it.

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