Boring playing borderlands alone

Im a lv 20 commando GT: MeAtGRen ADe I just want someone to play the borderland games with me so i dont care what ur stats are

Sup man, im a level 26 Gunzerker im on the mission ‘the man who would be jack’ im just chillin doin side missions and a bit of the main story. My game is open so if you follow me you should be able to join if you like. Gt: ii FaiD ii

if either of you guys are down: 18 mechromancer
gt: pettigree

Feel free to add me as well!

GT: Dopamiiine

Im playing borderlads2 xbox1 now if anyone else is??

ill play… LeTHaLStunz

GT: iamthaculprit

You can add me: ghostgrrl
All my characters range from level 28-51.