Boring when tired

Its weird, I can’t think of a game that so easily puts me to sleep when I’m already tired but is rather engaging when I’m fully awake.

wait… Borderlands was similar. Is it just a gearbox thing?

If you mean PVE then yes

When you’re tired you don’t see amazing opportunities to engage and then are less energized due to a more routine playing style.
My presumption at least

I think it has to do with how engaged the game requires you to be to even perform on any productive level. It’s got a lot of moving parts. When your body realizes, “■■■■ I don’t have the energy for this” it’s a just a downward spiral

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Good to hear youve bin playing again pajama, last i saw of you, you had said you were puttin it back on the shelf for awhile.

To the thread, i get so immersed when playing this game it actaully keeps me awake an sucks me in an i lose track of time lolz

Oddly enough, I’ve found PvE solo pretty nice to just zone out to when I want to unwind.

i don’t think I ever get tired playing video games. I will get off work at like 2am sometimes and play a few hours till probably 5-7. I remember as a kid being so engrossed in an additional play through of a final fantasy game that after I stopped playing for like 10 hours I was like “oh holy crap… I am ridiculously hungry…” Lol

I did put it up. Was plannning to come back for dlc. Turns out face off is a lot of fun.

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