Borman Nates and Cutsman

This guy and the drop rate is abysmal, i have killed him 50 times now probably even more and he has given me 2x sawbar (no anoint) and 1 psycho stabby (no anoint)

I am starting to lose hope at this point, i have tried farming him on all 4 mayhem levels and nothing works. that is when he shows up of course.

Can anyone hook a brother up with a Cutsman

Im on Xbox


I’ve honestly gotten most of my cutsmans at Maliwan Blacksite M4. I have cutsmans in fire, shock, corrosive

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I have not even done maliwan blacksite , matchmaking sucks and i can not solo it yet. i do need to hit that for redistributor and i need a corrosive one

Moved to XBox trading section - good luck!

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Agreed, i got my ASE Cutsmans through offline farming because rates where pathetic online, now you can’t do that any longer and online is pathetic. I killed Norman over 40 times hoping to find Cutsmans with SNTL and have only gotten 2 non anointed crap ones. They are making this game like BL2 where you can never find anything and are forced to trade for it.

I have give up for the day, back on the grind tomorrow

Mr boreman has been exceptionally stingy today

Whats the sweetspot for farming him. Any mayhem level? No mayhem?

I been killing him on Mayhem 3 TVHM

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Same here, MH3 and nothing

I think i recall getting some from the Gremlins that duplicate, and then they went and screwed it up, not impossible

What kind of Cutsman are u looking for

What exactly are you looking for? I’ve probably got something stored on mules, I farm a lot. Don’t hold your breath on anointed but it’s worth a shot, I’m sure I’ve got standard versions banked somewhere probably though. Personally not a big fan, I see the damage I just haven’t fit them into my play style.

Not one of mine have came from Bates, FYI. GW farming, DLC boss farming, stuff like that.

Same I’ve been farming for about 2 weeks and nothing

I’ve pretty much given up at this point

Have set if the ASE 125%, looking for SNTL ones

Borman sucks big time, I got all my annointed Cutsman from world drops (the best one was in a white chest near Traunt I’ll remember this forever lol). From approximatively 100 Borman I got a load of sawbars ,2 psycho stabber and bunch of random legendaries, maybe 2 non annointed cutsman.

I am after a shock cutsman and a corrosive cutsman,

anoint would be a bonus but not needed.

which bosses have you people had most cutsman drop from? i must of killed boreman 100+ times now and im done with him



On TVHM with no mayhem! i canny believe it!! its fire element but ill take it.

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I do not believe it , he has dropped another lol

fire again!

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i have a bunch of them, mosstly ASE versions, i am looking for the SNTL versions. If you need them let me know

Gt - xCaliburxxx

This is what is truly wrong with this game. They make it impossible to get the drop and then when you do finally get it, no anointment. The drop rates should be far higher. Sure you may end up with 5-6 normal ones, but at least your getting them, then eventually you will get some kind of anointment. All the time you spend farming this and getting only one is pathetic. GB really knows how to take all the fun out of gaming

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