Boss Battle in Villa Ultra Violet

In the boss battle, there’s the big Bot that sits up on the outside of the arena. I’ve done the fight a few times now and it’s dropped some legendaries, is there a way to get up there to get them?

This happen as well for me. Guess only with the lost and found machine is possible to retrieve the weapons.

YEah, but it only holds 12. There are so many legendaries I leave behind will it make it in there? Plus I wanna know what it is :frowning:

Unless you have picking up almost all legs maybe, otherwise most likely no which is a huge bummer.
GBX could kind of increase the machine capacity to be honest. It would be super useful.

Did you try using photo mode? I’ve done that before when items have somehow ended up where I can’t reach them.

I didn’t, I’m not even sure what you mean? Can I poick it up while in photo mode?

Yea, it’s a trick that you’ll see people do. I first saw Ki11erSix do it in one of his videos.

Get right under where the item is and then go into photo mode. Move the camera up close to the item. I usually go up above it a bit. When you exit out of photo mode, you can quickly grab the item. On Xbox, this is the X button. I’ve done this lots of times.


The battle is basically awful. The arena needed to be much bigger, the visual pollution is overwhelming and the new modifiers can amp this from stupid to impossible (looking at you lasers).

The capper was having 7 legendaries on that balcony that I could not recover. Sooooooooooo fun.

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