Boss designers! Please tone down immunity phases on bosses!

Look, I get it, it’s a way to split phases and provide some degree of spectacle the first time around. But the designers really need to understand, that if these bosses actually have worthwhile loot, then they are going to be fought more than just one time and it gets really old the more times the boss has to be killed.

In my opinion, having enemies or bosses that become immune to damage for a set duration that is outside of the player’s ability to influence is straight up infuriating and does nothing but waste our time.

Captain Haunt as an example, was a good boss because even though he had immunity phases, how quickly the phase is canceled is up to the player’s own ability to execute the strategy of the fight.

But stuff like anointed militants, Killavolt’s random teleport away and immunity aura plus showboating, or Tyreen’s back to back attacks that simultaneously damage the player and render her immune to damage/take her outside the arena? Absolute garbage that kills the pace of the fights and makes them unfun to fight.


dev after reading this
So if we throw four anointed militants at you and killing those ends the immune phase so the boss can fly up into the air and breath badass flames at you for the next damage phase it will be fun… notes made.


I can’t wait!!!


I feel like a good compromise would be the first time you fight them they can have immunity phases so the devs wish for us to experience the game in their way will be realized.

Then when you farm them turn that ■■■■ off since pretty much anyone can melt them quickly, I mean I’m not even talking about TVHM M4. A noob player on normal mayhem off should be able to melt the bosses if they so choose, at least after the first fight.

We all play borderlands to get loot and get powerful and eventually kill things rapidly, the immunity phases are just sticks in the mud for no good reason. We all fought the bosses once, we saw their patterns and designs and heard the cool music, and voice acting and stuff, we experienced it. After that, the immunity phases just bog down what should be an otherwise routine farming experience. Not even going to get into drop rates, or dedicated drops, or annointments, the immunity phases just make all this worse.

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Dear God this is still a problem 2 DLC’s later.

It’s like the devs just gave up and said ‘Let’s just give these bosses multiple Immunity phases, then let them regen health and/or shields because we can’t be asked to make the AI smarter so immunity will suffice’.