Boss drop rate?

As i understand theres some event goin on with increased chance for leg drops or something like that? But isnt working for me. Killed killavolt like 15times got 3 garbage legs pistol/smg/and shotgun. After that other bossed drop at most one legendary at first time killing and after that maby once in 5 kills some garbage leg. Is it thanks to exploiters aka streamers who fkd up everything in this game? 90% content about BL3 is how to abuse something in game to get loot/ranks/eridium. But if you are not trying to be one of those inbreds and not use that offline bug or everything else thats been on youtube…you dont get drops, mobs aint spawning - like loot tinks… Or there is some glished patch that epic games cant patch trough launcher…or just my bad luck? Cos ive read on forums how one dude killing killavolt 23mins ago and getting tons of class mods…didnt get a single one in those 15-20kills

What difficulty are you playing at? TVHM and mayhem levels greatly increase the chances of loot drops, so maybe that’s what you are looking for…
When people talk about all the drops they got it’s usually on the highest difficulty.

Im on TVHM mayhem 1… Read/heard that there is no point to go higher for loot as loot is same as on mayhem 1 just alot harder mobs.

Im pretty sure mayhem two should be where you want to be, as it does still make a really big increase in drop rates without buffing the difficulty up too much. If it works on M2 and you are comfortable your build is in a good spot. And M3 is in my mind strictly for boss farming, you definitively notice the higher drop rates but its difficulty can spike up so much that it takes longer than double the M2 to clear an area.

I think alot of it is RNG but I also have a feeling that bosses with large loot tables are not really affected all that much from the “event” that’s going on this week.

I sort of journaled my farming of Gigamind and you can see that I got basically every legendary in the game EXCEPT the Nagata (his special drop this week) until like 80th-90th kill. I can’t complain though, I now have basically every legendary com, shield, grenade, and gun that I’ve been wanting.

Ive heard people talk about the loot rates of the event and those rates specifically dont seemingly increase with Mayhem levels, so if you want to farm the event M0 or M1 is your best bet, as you just want to kill the boss as many times as possible.

Yeah , its pretty common to get all kinds of loot and the drop rate is really high at the moment because of the event if you want something specific.

How high is the drop rate.Nobody can tell.You can also be very unlucky it happens to me a lot.But when the lucky train hits up , youll probably realise its absolute luck on every parameter.

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Thank you all for sharing info. Playing now on TVHM mayhem 3…its freakishly entertaining and hard…love it!