Boss drops on Heliophage

So I have just looked up gear that I want to get but a lot of it is from different things and 2 of the gear are from rendain. The other bosses in the rendain fight are also the bosses that I want to farm so I was curious if anyone knows if they drop their legendary gear in the fight. So for example Jailer Hylis droping the vow of vengence in rendains fight. If anyone could tell me that would be super awesome! Would save me a lot of time xD

I have never seen any of those bosses drop different rarity loot so I don’t think they do, only Rendain has a loot pool in that mission

Also the boss spawns in that level are random as well, you’re not garunteed to get the same bosses each time

Hmm that sucks… Thankyou though! (cries inside knowing that I will have to farm renegade, sabatouer and heliophage like 100+ times) I really hope they make a boss arena or something. Like every week they release a different one and it’s just the boss that you can farm. Would be so much better xD

I agree running 25 to 30 minute missions each time can be rather disheartening. I just play the missions randomly and if I get a drop cool if not just try a different one. Farming the same missions over and over can lead to burnout very quickly in Battleborn

Yea I just farm a mission once or twice go play some pvp and then come back to farm it once or twice and go back to pvp xD Super annoying though. The grind is too real. If they had decent drop rates like 1 in 5 I would be fine with it. 1/100 though just makes you wanna blow something up xD

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