Boss event drop rates

how much did the drop rate increase for legendary now that this event is going on?

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Idk, I’ll tell you when Katagawah stops so prudish and puts out.


Its not that bad imo. In like 10 kills I got like 4 legendary class mods, then had a dry spell.

bra i have been farming fake zero for the like five hour any i have only seen like 2 class mods so yeah there is a reason i am asking the increase to the drop rate must have been like 0.000001%


same, going through a dry spell right now. But I’m really freaking good at killing Agonizer 9000 now. I refuse to farm katagawa lol

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every time i farm the agonizer it never drop any legendarys


I was able to get 5 legendary class mods for moze from him. But now he’s just dropping weapon trinkets, heads, and echo skins. I was hoping to get some legendary coms for Fl4k

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i am just trying to get the bounty hunter one that is the only one i want

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Stupid Question, what Boss Event?


Has the event started?

Not Bloody Harvest necessarily (although shouldn’t that have started today, as well?) but Week 1 of the month long 10th anniversary event.

Is that officially on as of today?

(It’s 11:51 pm on Tuesday October 1st as I post this)

I believe the drop buff lists have started dude :).If you have some desire on getting those items pseudo easier you can hop in at any time.Have fun.


Thank you, sir. :smiley:

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Thx, Sounds good.
I‘ll have a Look if Class Mods drop well at Katagawa.
Otherwise Gigamind Must die again.:grinning:

4 hour Pain and Terror grind. Total Class mods dropped with 10% luck and Loaded Dice legendary artifact (-75% health for high luck )…2. takes 4-7 kills just to see a legendary drop. Guys fix it.


gj luck with katagawa i have been farming him for six hours now i have only seen two class mods

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Just to confirm a few things , Yes the things I tried dropped as listed however if you want a perfect/free farm this it wont happen fast.Its still borderlands.And being borderlands means time sink.

There are more efficient ways of farming in general and to be honest I stopped after 1 hour.

i just wish they would list the drop rates cause i am only after one class mod

If you want a BH class mod for FL4K , give me your contact on private and ill send it to you to save you all the trouble.Of course that said in a friendly manner , I know a lot of people love to farm everything and not get free stuff from others.

Just killed Katagawa for the 13th time.
1 maggie
Smh why am I surprised that it’s not working like Gearbox said.
Mayhem 2

Try Gigamind, imho the best Source vor Classmods.