Boss exp problem

Is it just me or are some bosses not giving experience?

I figure’d I’d just boss farm to get too 70 but some bosses just straight up are not giving me experience. Some are like Iwajira and the Sentinel but other aren’t at all.

I couldn’t remember exactly which ones did and which ones didn’t but I did remember that Felicity was one that didn’t so I went back and farmed her about a dozen times. Not a single xp.

Is anyone else having this problem? This is definitely going to make getting to 70 a lot more taxing for me.

I’ve killed Iwajira with Claptrap a few times and not gotten any XP from it.

The body did go away (as I’ve heard sometimes it does not leading to no XP), but still no XP.

This happened a few times.

It always seemed to happen with the minion action skill was active. So I wonder if it was due to the minion getting the credit for the kill.


I’ve never had this issue before the latest patch. I’ll have to screw around with it a little more and hope it fixes itself.

Anyone? Can someone post 60 UVHM kill Felicity and see if they get xp?

It’s still doing it to me today…

I thought Felicity not giving xp was a known bug, or at least a known feature that no one liked, since before the latest updates.

I thought that Felicity not giving XP was because you don’t actually kill her, you just disable her.