Boss Farming opinions

Can I get a list of rankings on who is the best and fastest for farming raid boss?
Thanks for any and all replies.


This might be a good place to start:


Nice! Thank you very much.

Thanks that’s very helpful.I am new to this and I don’t really know the correct definition of farming. I feel kind of stupid asking if you could explain the concept to me. I would appreciate you taking the time . Thanks again.

No problem.

Many (most? all?) of the bosses and raid bosses in the game can be run multiple times by simply quitting and restarting between runs. The have a pool of loot they can drop, including one or more designated items (with a drop chance of 10%). You keep killing the same character until you get the item they drop, or some particular version of it (if it doesn’t have fixed parts).

Some of the minor bosses only spawn when you take a certain side quest, which must be completed and handed in before they will respawn.

If you are in NVHM, or TVHM before completing the main story, the bosses will have a specific fixed level. In TVHM after completing the main story, they should then always be level 50. Bosses always scale with you in UVHM.


Thanks that’s great, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain the concept to me

IIRC Nisha’s Unforgiven melts the second phase for free because of the way his hitboxes are made and she’s definitely not bad on the first part either considering she has good DPS to begin with and Tombstone allows you to crit the otherwise uncrittable boss.

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Thanks Lammas, this is the info I’m shooting for.
I’ve got a lvl 50 claptrap, enforcer and a lvl 30 Nisha.
How would you rank them for solo raid boss farms at lvl 70?

I dunno, my only level 70 character is Aurelia and I don’t ever fight the raid besides completing the quest because I think it’s a boring fight.

Nisha is most probably the easiest and fastest. And I’m fairly sure Aurelia is the slowest. I’d imagine explosive Claptrap with a Flakker could do a number on the second phase but I’m not sure if that’s really true.

You could check out the time trials thread to see some timed Sentinel kills with different characters.