Boss fights and legendary drops

So in Borderlands 2, there where weapons that where good on all characters, but especially amazing on certain characters with certain skill trees maxed. Like for Zer0, I loved using my level 57 Lyuda, even though I’m leveling up, and when I decide to respect and do a melee build, I love using the Rapier. And on Salvador, his Grog Nozzle and Unkempt Harold combo was amazing. What I’m thinking, is boss fights with playable characters from the second game, that would drop the legendary (or a legendary version of the weapon) that the class was really good with. Like the Lyuda if the game detects you are a sniper build, or, (if there is a Salvador like playable character in Borderlands 3,) then killing Salvador would have a chance to drop either the Grog or the Harold each time you kill/defeat him. (Please let them keep their new-u, so that we don’t have to live with the fact that another loved character dies, and we killed them) Maya would have a chance to drop one of Moxxi’s SMGs (good and bad touch), or, if you had the ricochet skill, the Lascaux was an amazing gun for Maya. It was good even if you where playing on Zer0 with the Lascaux, if you had death mark and death bl0ss0m. It was also good when you didn’t. So maybe let Maya drop one (or all) of those each time you defeat her. You get what I’m saying by this point, and I’d just like to know if anyone agrees.

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