Boss isic vs melee characters

please fix this. its ridiculus. he constantly keeps you in the air and tries to knock you out of bounds.


Looks like you don’t even try to hit him and I’m petty sure kelvin has an AE attack as secondary that would hit even easier.

The devs actually mentioned during a stream they aware it’s a pain as a close combat character. It didn’t sound like it was going to change though. It’s not impossible though. I managed to do it solo as rath yesterday

his aoe is a ground smash, and is very short range.

rath has 2 ranged attacks and an aoe ultimate. kelvin has no ranged attacks and his ult is a cage… that cant hit large or aerial targets.

The final stage of ISIC as a floating head is infuriating as melee only characters, he just flings you around for 20 mins while you haplessly attempt to hit him back.

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Just got to the final form of ISIC playing Rath and nearly killed him, but even if it is technically possible, it’s absolutely awful. After spending so much time being knocked around, running from exploding bots, and ducking in to occasionally hit the legs, this was an even less enjoyable way to end the fight. If they’re going to make it a huge pain in the ass for certain characters to beat a stage/boss, putting some kind of warning or recommendation when picking would at least be nice…

But no seriously change it, that is absolutely horrible.


Good job killing him despite the disadvantage here. This clearly needs fixing. Also, fix the way the loot afterwards is handled. It’s very hard to see where it dropped and the time to find it and loot is very short.


Really if your playing solo ALL the melee based characters suck compared to the others, which is a shame. Really there should of been a DRASTIC difference in damage between ranged and melee characters to make the Melee characters able to hold up against the large amount of flying and gun touting enemies. Where it might take 4-8 shots from Oscar Mike to kill it takes 3-6 hits with Phoebe to do the same, and she is in MUCH more risk than Mike is. Really if Mike kills in 4-8 shots then phoebe should kill in 2-4, this is talking grunts of course. But once again ALL Melee characters should just paste enemies when they connect because they are that risk and danger of getting to the target.

This isnt really a ISIC exclusive issue. Been gaming for 20+ years and the melee characters in BB are just infuriating to use. Considering they have to be wide out in the open and close up to do their thing they should be killing faster than the ranged characters. Yet I can clear out levels much MUCH faster with the ranged characters than the melee ones. The Melee BB might work fine in a Team but solo they are VERY underpowered compared to someone like Toby who I had never used and I cakewalked through both of the story missions.

I can see where this would be extremely frustrating. I can’t make any promises here in regards to changes, but we will move this to the open beta feedback forums so the team sees it.


Have you tried gal yet? She was incredibly powerful. I soloed both on advanced with her. So I think it varies from cc character


This is totally true, but it’s a death gearbox had to take. Like this only solo players have a disadvantage. Which is good, since otherwise the game would be outbalanced when playing in a team. I’m sure it’s better this way round, because this is a team based game. Asking gearbox to change the balance of the game just because a bunch of characters are not playable in solo missions is ridicules.
I say that because other Threads are also complaining about melee characters in solo and 1v1.

Still, in this case Isic needs to be fixed, not to throw the player in the air when it’s a solo Mission (happened to me too once with Ambra, when all other 4 players left).

Said it before, will say it again, melee characters stink in the pve and that should be changed somehow. It’d be nice to remove the stuns that some of the enemies have, and probably also have the melee character hit harder (in pve only, they’re fine in pvp).

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Gal is the ONLY melee Battleborn I find usable at this point solo. And she is likely going to be nerfed soon due to how good she is in PVP.

Honestly is it awful this boss made it this far with 9 melee battleborn in the game maybe make it so he on the ground for a bit of the battle so you can hit him.

How about instead of having him throw you around like a rag doll, what about grounding him and giving him some other kind of attack that would provide a fairer challenge but still make him dangerous :slight_smile:?

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Man when I first played against Isic, I was playing as a melee character and honestly, truly thought that the flying around was a bug and not an intended game mechanic. One of the most frustrating boss fights I’ve ever had to endure… Just flying in the air desperately trying to hit him… And then I come back with a ranged character and he doesn’t even have time to throw me into the air before I kill him!

I managed to solo this mission last night as El Dragón. This was a mistake.

I did it for the lore challenge, but holy crap was I not prepared for the headache of this fight.
I found the rest of the mission to be an enjoyable challenge for the most part; died a couple times but it wasn’t really surprising, and I just skipped the last room before ISIC entirely.

Then comes the ISIC fight… Wow.
I don’t believe this would have been possible without the AoE clap since there would be no way to even semi-safely attack his legs during the first phase and no way to attack him AT ALL during the end phase. I did get the hang of this battle and was able to burn down his mech without much trouble, but once he enters phase 2 this battle just becomes straight stupid.

I’m going to assume this was not meant to be solo’d with melee heroes, because this phase makes absolutely no sense if you don’t have a gun. I may have beaten it in the end, but my triumph was pure luck, plain and simple. Getting tossed around endlessly while ISIC tasers you with no means of getting close to him on your own just doesn’t feel like I’m playing the game anymore. No control over my positioning and I have no idea what the red portions of the floor mean, nor do I know why I’m sometimes on the ground, and sometimes not; all agency is taken away from the player in this part of the game. The first time I did this mission was with Marquis, and suffice to say this phase only lasted 2 seconds.

I’m down for a challenge in my games, but this fight becomes completely mindless as melee. When I finished the battle I had no lives left and one, possibly two more passes from ISIC would have killed me. It’s simply a miracle that I managed to win at all, and all thanks to the clap.

Even as a multiplayer fight, only the players with guns get to actually play the game during this phase, and that just doesn’t seem right to me.

Getting a bronze here was like getting a D in a class you hate; you still passed and are finally done with it.

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