Boss loot chests in DLC3-still meh

Shouldn’t there be some kind of minimum loot level for these harder to get chests? I know the boss is typically where the best loot has a chance to spawn. And I think we have all accepted that boss and vault loot chests are lackluster at best. But c’mon, this was the chest I got tonight for beating the final boss.


Chests are really bad. I’ve been going through and completing some of the side quests and getting 100% for the areas in DLC 3 and every chest that I’ve found (playing on M10) has been pure trash. The outhouses have much better loot.


Wow - that’s pretty sad. A minimum rarity level probably would be a good idea, given the fickleness of RNG.


This is playing on M10, but: random Jakobs chests and cabinets placed all over the world have legendaries in them all the time, and they constantly drop during gameplay. I also find that most red chests have at least one legendary.

I think the legendary drop rate in DLC3 is more than fine.


Overall I’d agree with you, but getting four white rarity items in the final chest after the boss fight sucks. (Admittedly, I got four legendaries on my first run. I would still agree that a boss fight chest shouldn’t be churning out trash items though)


Agreed, chest like that should be at least one guarantee leg. Rng to get more than one. That is pitiful! Sorry about that VH.


Also, I am getting non anointed drops in the chests sometimes but oddly not, thus far, in the outhouses.

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I know all that and am fine with all that. My point is that of all the chests you’d think would have better gear the one at the end of the main story line would pop at least purples. The drop rates are fine IMO. Just that this seems a bit of a slap in the face lol.

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It’s random, but I’ve had luck at these chests when I bother to check them:

A Malak’s Bane and a Siren’s Mark isn’t top tier legendary loot, of course, but they are legendaries.

I don’t think they can make them always drop legendaries because of ECHOcast rare chest events. They don’t want to repeat the Lilith chest exploit.

Oh I get drops in chests just fine. The point is that this is the final fight in the DLC so you’d expect something other than all white items.


I think they deferred the reward for this fight for the story mission to when you go back to town. People are exploiting the guaranteed legendaries there - if you don’t open the red chest, the standing loot chests which always drop legendaries will respawn unopened.

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You can open these chests (I assume you’re talking about the ones in the bank vault) when you first enter the town during the first story mission. Moxsy made a video about it:

No no, this is the chest after you kill the boss that’s right there, not back in town :slight_smile:

Drops > Chests. It has always been that way. Please get over it.

Sorry, I was replying to joechung.

That’s the chest at Ruiner right? I’ve opened it before and there were a couple greens and the rest whites…very lame indeed. The main thing I miss about chests are rooms like Knox Armory, Leviathan Lair, Hyperion Gift Shop, Etc…from previous games.


Thanks! I had no idea.

yes… legendary…

white -> trash the second you find a green weapon
green -> trash the second you find a blue weapon
blue -> trash the second you find a purple weapon
purple -> trash the second you find a purple weapon with an anointment
anointed purple -> probably trash the second you find a legendary of the same type

and seeing that’s M10… i think the only purple weapons people use are quest rewards…

also, when legendaries drop left and right when killing trashmobs and sub-bosses… this is just sad… might as well remove loot chests and replace them with ammo boxes…

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The chest after the Ruiner is awful. I’ve been defeating him on and off all day and that chest has spawned 1 legendary and a lot of the time only blues.

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I got the game when it was released and open every red chest that experience taught me opening red chest is a waste of time and I no longer bother with it . There is many aspects of the game I longer bother with like minor bosses nothing , doing those wanted posters nothing , any chest that’s not ammo I just run by . Why bother ?