Boss unlock update

(Psmales) #1

any idea when its coming please.

(Enemy of Thunder) #2

Sometime next month IIRC

(Jan S.) #3

I still have some hopes it’ll come this month since there was no update yet :smiley:

(Berserker) #4

In time for the Handsome Collection I’d imagine.

(Rush86) #5

they said at pax. it will take about a month. And that was on january 25th they said that at pax


I’ll believe it when I see it. (Along with the fix for the 150 Moonstone SDU/Bank Slot bug. And for CL4P-TPs broken Legendary Class Mod…)

(Htmensch77) #7

BOSS UNLOCK? You mean they are gonna make the or some of the bosses respawnable? (Sorry, I have been out of the loop for a while.)

(Psmales) #8

yes all of them. well that’s what they said at paxs

(The Alllstar) #9

I hope they do fix it sometime this month. It would get more people playing the game again.

(Enemy of Thunder) #10

They said it would be at least a month, so it may be a bit longer than Feb 25th

(Rush86) #11

Yea i wasnt saying it was coming out feb 25th. Only that they said on jan 25th it would be about a month.

(Samuraith) #12

Thatll be nice, farming Zarpedon for the legendary heads she drops will be great.

(Cowthulhu46) #13

Can we rematch Zarpedon as well? WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT…

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