Bossanova (Spoilers?)

So if you played the game, you probably noticed the guy Rhys and Fiona tell their story to.
Masked guy who speaks like Zer0.
Could it be Bossanova after the accidents of Ep. 1?
In Borderlands: TPS there is a hat for Fragtrap named Mini Bossa that looks exactly like the hat from this mysterious guy. So could Bossanova survive Zer0 and if yes, which role he could play? What you think?

He kinda got crushed so i doubt it

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Maybe he’s Bossanova’s son.

Nah, he’s an obese clone of Handsome Jack equipped with a voice synthesizer. He does have a Hyperion shotgun afterall.

Vault Hunters use hyperion guns. They sell Hyperion guns to bandits. Hell, every animal has a Hyperion gun sometimes in them.

True enough but it’s mostly moot since mine wasn’t really a serious reason/“proof” that he’s really a clone of HJ. More like a bored mind thinking up potential random nonsense that might have tiny bit of foreshadow/clueing in potential.

C’mon guys it’s not a mere “Hyperion Shotgun”, it’s THE FREAKIN’ CONFERENCE CALL!!! Pay respects :stuck_out_tongue:


A Slag one anyways