Bosses and Matching Elements?

So if you’re fighting Uranus for example, and it has no armor/shields (but is a bot), would Fire be most effective on it?

Guess I’m wondering if the boss has just a red health bar, if any elements are better/worse against them.

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It’s a robot so corrosive would be best.


Thanks, that’s what I figured just wanted to make sure.


Shock is generally used on Pete and Craw and Incinerator. Robots get corrosive. The rest get fire.


He doesn’t actually have a red health bar if you look at the small one you see when you target him. Or at least he shouldn’t have.

The boss healthbar at the top of the screen is just always red, no matter what. Wilhelm and Bunker also have red health bar at the top of the screen but if you ignore that and just look at the same healthbar you’d use for enemies regularly you’ll notice the real color.

Exception in all of skeletonkind in TTAODK.


Has anyone done extensive research on this? In my haphazard testing, having killed him maybe 50 times, he seems to be element neutral, all elements appear to affect him at the base level of damage/elemental. I’ve killed him with a shock lyuda, a corrosive lyuda, a fire lyuda and a non-elemental and not noticed a significant difference in the amount of ammo used.

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Hmm, I might look into this but just speculating. In the base game, loaders and constructors have element-neutral crit spots on their eyes. Maybe they made Uranus’ crit spots the same way, so it doesn’t make a difference what Lyuda you crit them with?

This might be true. However, for my preferred method of killing Uranus has no crits involved, I shoot him through the gap between the shipping crates on the left so I never take any damage. And through that gap I basically can only hit his shoulder, so no crits.

Also if you shoot omgwth (or any robot and/or anything constructed in digipeak? I’m not sure tbh) with slag while it’s being constructed it becomes seemingly immune to slag when you’re fighting it.

Really bad, can someone confirm this? Is it just a bug? Does it get slagged and you just can’t see it?

It’s a bug or possibly a limitation of the software which makes certain enemies unable to take elemental effects when they transition to a ‘different state’ if they were carrying one prior. The same thing happens if you apply elemental effects to Loot Midgets while they are spawning, the Ancient Dragons while they are midair, or bike riders before you blow up their vehicle (this includes Motor Momma).

As a Hellborn Krieg main it can be pretty frustrating, but one can generally deal with it.

Tbh it does make sense in a deep kind of way, the digistructed enemy, so advance that if you strike it with elements while it’s being formed it takes the element in and develops resistence toward it.

But yeah tbh it’s just hella annoying and I doubt that’s what the developers were thinking and doing :laughing: